Support of Lead Management System (LMS) in StoreMax

StoreMax now supports hosting of the LMS as an application in StoreMax.


  • To avail the feature, the org has to be on-boarded on the lead vertical.

Enabling LMS in StoreMax

To enable LMS in StoreMax, on the Smart Store Configurations page, set lms in CONF_STOREMAX_MINI_APPS (Capillary InTouch > Profile > Organization Settings > Organization Setup).

Configuring LMS for StoreMax

  • Lead configurations: Before starting with creating a lead, you need to configure LMS as per the requirement on InTouch Profile > Organization settings > Miscellaneous > Lead configuration page.

Creating & updating a lead

  • To create a lead:

1. Sign in to StoreMax with staff credentials.

2. Navigate to the Customer Profile screen.

3. Tap on Add Lead to create a new lead for the customer.

For a new customer, register the customer and then proceed to the Customer Profile screen to add lead.

  • To edit an existing lead, the staff can modify details of an existing lead - source, product category, status, approx value, and preferred channel.

You cannot edit Source and Product Category fields of an existing lead.

  • To close an existing lead, the staff can close a lead with the status either converted or failure along with the reason.

Lead report

  • Reporting on lead creation and conversion is available on Insights+.