X-Engage is a message optimization strategy that uses AI to engage customers on channels they mostly respond to. It optimizes your marketing budgets to derive the best ROI (Return on Investment) compared to other strategies. AI engine enhances precision based on customer response during a campaign. It identifies the message hit rate and targets the right customers on their preferred channels. 

Based on a customer's reachability, the X-Engage enables Orgs to engage with customers through multiple channels - direct channels such as SMS, Email, and Mobile Push; ad. channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

For example, suppose a customer has responded mostly to Facebook (ad channel) campaign messages than other channels. In that case, the AI engine targets that customer only through Facebook instead of sending the same message through multiple communication channels. 


By default, only the trial version of X-Engage is available for an Org. To unlock the complete features of X-Engage, connect with your account managers.

Key features of X-Engage

  • Supports multiple channels: Targets customers effectively through direct channels and advertising channels. It helps to increase conversations with customers.

  • Targets each customer on the right channel: X-Engage AI engine selects the right channel to engage with each user, optimizing communication costs.

  • Provides better customer experience: Targeting on the right channel leads to a better customer experience by avoiding unnecessary messages (That is, sending the same message for a customer to all the available communication channels).

  • Provides a better hit rate and ROI: As X-Engage’s AI identifies and targets customers through their preferred channel, the hit rate could be better than other optimization strategies and thus the conversion rate.

To send X-Engage messages, you need to have enough X-Engage credits available in your org's account. For more details on how to view org credits or manage org credits as a Capillary Admin, see Credit management.

Create Messages for X-Engage

To create an X-Engage message:

  1. On the New message page, enter Message name.
  2. Enable Optimization Strategy and select X-Engage.
  3. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Add Audience: You need to have at least 100,000 recipients only from the Test group to send a  

    X-Engage message.

    1. Click Add audience group
    2. Select the group(s) that you want to include and click Done. For details, see Create audience group.
    3. To add more audience groups, click +Add audience groups.
      For the added audience group, preview the reachable customers on different channels.

    4. If you want to exclude specific customers from the selected list, create and add a group with customers that you want to exclude. 
      1. Enable Exclude audiences using the toggle button.
      2. Under Exclude audience, click +Add audience groups.
      3. Add the group to exclude and click Done.
    5. Click Continue to proceed.
  5. Add content: There are no mandatory channels for X-Engage. You can configure content for all the channels that you want to target. X-Engage supports all direct channels such as SMS, email, mobile push; and advertising channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
    To add content:
    1. In Channel 1 (under Content), click Add creative.
    2. Select the desired channel for which you want to configure content and set up the message as per your preference.
      To know how to configure content for each channel, see the respective help article.
      1. Create SMS content
      2. Create email content
      3. Create mobile Push content
    3. To add content for another channel, click +Add More Content.
      • To remove a channel, hover the pointer on the ellipses (…) symbol and click Remove.
      • To preview a channel, hover the pointer on the ellipses (…) symbol and click Preview.
      • To modify a content, click the respective pencil icon and make the necessary changes.
      • To test how a channel content is delivered, hover the pointer on the ellipses (…) symbol and click Test;
        add the recipient(s) to which you want to send the content.
        For detailed information, see SMS, Email, and Push.
        • You can create only one content per channel. However, you can create more messages for a campaign and can create content for each channel in every message.
  6. Content for Advertising channels: You can also see Ad channels such as Facebook and Google.
    X-Engage's AI creates audience lists for each channel among the selected audience and uploads the ad. channel audiences to an FTP location.
    Currently, AI creates a ticket automatically with the campaign details and the link to the FTP location where the audience list is uploaded. Using these details, the Customer Success team creates ad campaigns manually.
    We will automate the Facebook campaign creation process in the future.
  7. Add incentives: You can only have coupon incentives, and points incentives are not available for X-Engage. However, in coupons, you can only use an offer with a common coupon code or coupons uploaded manually. You cannot use offers with auto-generated coupons.
    To add coupons:
    1. Click +Add incentives.
    2. Select an offer that you want to include and click Done. To create an offer, click New offer and then select it. To know more about creating an offer, see Add incentives.
      • To change incentives, hover on the ellipses (…) symbol and click Change Incentive.
    3. Click Continue to proceed.
  8. Schedule: You can schedule the message on a fixed date and time. The message will be sent as per the schedule.
    The following are the important points to consider before scheduling an X-Engage message.
    - Send for approval:  At least 50 hours before the scheduled time.
    - To be approved: At least 48 hours before the scheduled time.
    - Minimum campaign end date:  At least 14 days after the scheduled date.
    To schedule the message, follow these steps.
    1. In Select the start date, set the date on which you want to send the message and in Select start time, set the time. For example 13 Jan 2021, 10:00 pm.
    2. Click Done to proceed.
  9. Delivery settings: The delivery setting enables you to also send messages to org POC and include a tiny URL in the message.
    To add org POCs or set tiny URL, under Delivery settings, click Show and configure the required fields. For a detailed procedure, see Delivery settings.
  10. Send for approval: The message has to be approved at least 48 hours before the scheduled time. Else, the message will not execute.
    To send the message for approval, click Send for approval. For detailed information, see send for approval.
    Once the message is approved, the X-Engage's AI splits the audience into multiple audience lists for each configured channel (based on the most reachable channels). For direct channels, Engage+ will send messages automatically. However, for each advertising channel, you need to create campaigns manually with the audience list created by API for that channel.
  11. Similarly, to add more messages in the campaign, click New Message and follow the instructions provided on this page.