Release Date: October 8, 2020.

StoreMax now supports hosting multiple mini apps for the following applications of an org.

  • Tasks:
    All Call Task campaigns that are configured in Engage+. The following store CFs need to be updated.

    • Brand Name

    • Customer Care Number (the store's Whatsapp number)

    • Recommendations - API URL (if the brand needs to showcase customer-specific recommendations )

    • No of Recom Prod to display (supports up to 5 recommendations/customer)

    • Category image (any brand promotional image hosted on our CRM/ACP environment)

  • E-Store: Shows the digital catalogue of the brand and allows placing orders for customers.
    To ensure the e-catalogue of the brand is accessible on StoreMax, an ecom instance has to be created in the ACP environment with the following details in the CRM Store custom fields.

    • Merchant ID

    • Navigation reference code (has to be updated under the SS configuration page, as below in the image)

    • Product Images CDN Link 

    • Product get API URL

    • Suggested Product IDs

    • Collection links (Optional)

    • Location id (To view the location wise stock)

  • Reports: This app provides a high-level view of the task summary. It can show daily or weekly report. 

Other mini-apps like VisitorMetrix and Lead Management are still under development and can expect at the end of the OND quarter.

You can enable apps on StoreMax on Intouch > Profile > Organization Setup > Smart Store Configurations.

Key features of StoreMax


  • Available as a web application and can be accessed from a mobile or a desktop of the store.

  • The staff can use Till credentials to log in in the app.

  • The home screen shows the details of a few essential KPIs of each mini-app for the previous calendar day. 

  • The UI also showcases the list of mini-apps that are enabled and upcoming.

  • Displays a daily message for the staff in the form of Notice board.

  • The staff can have quick access to some of the features related to the apps. The following are supported currently.

    • Searching a product 

    • Creating an order

  • The staff can take a quick look at the videos available on the help section (if there is any difficulty in sharing a task or products with the customers).

  • UnSubscribe: If the customer wishes to unsubscribe from the channel, the staff can simply click on the respective customer task and unsubscribe. 


Link to access web app:.