1. Support for stickers, Rich Message and multiple Bubble Message on Line
  2. Support for messages only with Incentives (without communication)
  3.  Objective-based Reporting
  4. Delivery report for test messages

Support for stickers, Rich Message and multiple Bubble Message on Line

The creatives tab for Line channel has been revamped to mimic the experience of message creation. A Line message is enhanced with the support of stickers, Rich Message, and multiple Bubble messages.


We have introduced a new library for Stickers. There are over 110 animated stickers in the stickers library. You can send stickers alone or include in multiple Bubble Messages.

Rich Message

Rich Messages on Line are Images with multiple tappable areas with redirection URLs. 

The following are the properties of a Rich Message in Line

  • Shape: 
    • A square template of size 1040 x 1040 with multiple tappable grid areas.
    • A custom image of size 1040 x 520 - 2080 with a single tappable area.

Square templates with multiple grids

Multiple Bubbles in a single message

We have enhanced Line messages to support up to five bubbles or messages in a single message.

A Bubble can contain Text Message, Image Message, Rich Message, or Stickers. You can add, remove, and reorder Bubbles. 

You cannot store Multiple bubbles as a template. You can only create by assembling different message types when creating a message.

Support for messages only with Incentives (without communication)

Problem Statement

Brands often like to use Capillary CRM to issue or manage coupons and promotion points. These will be communicated to customers through a third-party system. 
In some cases, only issual of incentives needs to be scheduled through Engage+ and communication is handled through a third-party system. 


With this release, there is an option to issue only incentives  - Coupon(s) or Promotional Points - without communication. 

You can also schedule issuing incentives on a specific date. Once issued, transactions are also counted against the campaign for reporting purposes.

 Objective-based Reporting

We have enhanced the Reports section to show canned reports based on the objective selected when creating the campaign. You can see this report on the Message Listing page of a campaign.

Currently, 5 reports are supported - Sales, Store Visit, Product Sales, Coupons Redemption, and Delivery Report. These reports are available with pre-applied objective filters such as Products or Stores to be promoted.

Delivery report for test messages

The Test & Preview Pane now shows delivery reports of Test messages that are triggered from the Message Summary page.
Delivery report is available for each instance of testing with the statuses Delivered, Sent, Not Sent, and In Progress. The user can also see the relevant failure reason For messages that are not sent.
Message Summary page also shows the number of times a message has been tested for the convenience of the approver.