Release Date: September 23, 2020.


  1. Card message support on Line channel
  2. Email link tracking - Skip links tracking

Card message support on Line channel

Line Messages can now support up to 10 images in a single message bubble. Each message can have a URL redirection action or text reply action in a carousel format. 

You can create Card Messages from scratch when creating a campaign message or select from the Template Library. 

Template fields

  • Template Name: Used to recognize the Card Template when creating a message.
  • Title: Appears as a Push Notification message when sent to customers.

  • You can add up to 10 cards, each with a different image. 
  • An image should have the following properties.
    • Supported size:  1024 x 1024 pixels with a maximum size of 1 MB each
    • Image format: JPEG or PNG

Call to action (CTA) for each Card

You can configure the following actions on clicking on the image.

  • Redirect recipients to an URL.
  • Send an automated message to the brand's Line account from the recipients' account.


Problem Statement

There are instances where the Marketing Manager may not want to track all links sent through emails. For example, Mailto that usually opens up Email Client for the Customer, or Telephone link that opens up the phone app.


There are two approaches to stop Engage+ from tracking links on the Email.

  1. Append the URL with "?clicktracking=off" in the Anchor tag.
    Example: <a href="">anchored text</a>

  2. Include "class="untracked"" inside the Anchor tag
    Example: <a class="untracked" href="">anchored text</a>Engage+ will skip these links from calculating clicked statistics.