Release Date: October 8, 2020


The following are enhancements of the release (Coupon Module.
  1. Upload coupon codes & customers in Coupon Series through API
  2. Revoke coupons issued to specific customers
  3. Communication limits on customers

1. Upload coupon codes & customers in Coupon Series through API

Problem statement

Some brands manage their incentives and coupons on a third party system but need to communicate these offers through Engage+. In such cases, the marketing manager has to upload the coupon codes, coupon codes & customers mapping or just customers based on the type of coupon series to subsequently communicate with the customer. This is tedious and a manual process that needs to be done every time a campaign has to be scheduled.


We have introduced a new API to upload coupon codes and customers to a coupon series and can automate the process.

For details of the API, see V2 API Documentation > Coupons > Bulk Upload Coupons.

2. Revoke coupons issued to specific customers

Problem statement

Sometimes when there is a network outage in retail stores, coupon redemption fails. The store staff needs to apply the discount on their discretion and then revoke the coupons manually. However, the coupon module only supports revoking all unissued coupons or unredeemed coupons. Revoking coupons for specific customers is a manual tech activity to do a cleanup.


We have introduced an option in the revoke console to revoke coupons issued to specific customers. You can find this in Incentive > Coupon More Options (...) > Revoke Coupons.

There are three options for revoke:
  • All unredeemed coupons
  • Only unissued coupons
  • For specific customers
You can upload individual customers for whom the coupons have to be revoked using User IDs. 
 If a customer has multiple active coupons from the same series, then all the active coupons will be revoked.

3. Communication limits on customers

Problem statement

When running multiple campaigns with highly segmented campaigns and audience promotions, a customer may need to be targeted multiple times causing fatigue or worse - coming across as spam.


We have introduced a configuration of communication limits which is applicable to only outbound campaigns where an upper limit can be set up to limit the number of messages a user can get in a day, week or month.
User can set limits for each channel -  SMS, Email, Line, WeChat, and Push for a day, week or month.
  1. The day is 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

  2. The week is 12:00 AM Sunday to 11:59 PM Saturday

  3. The month is 12:00 AM on 1st to 11:59 PM on the last day

A user can set limits at two levels - channels or overall level.
For example: If there is a daily limit as shown in the following:
SMS - 2 
Email - 3 
Overall - 4
Engage+ sends out a maximum of 2 SMS or 3 Emails to a customer. However, across SMS, Email and other channels, only the first 4 messages are sent and the rest are not sent on any given day.
These settings are available on Product Settings > Message Tab > Communication Limits.
To set limits for each channel, click on Add Limit. There is no need to set limits for all time periods but the user has to ensure that daily limit < weekly limit < monthly limit
When creating a message, the communication limit is enforced by default. However, there is an option in delivery settings to override communication limits and send messages even if the upper limits have been reached for some of the customers in the target audience list.

  • If limits aren't set up. then there are no limits.
  • This feature isn't enabled by default. Please raise a Jira task to get this enabled for the org.