aiRA powered filters are designed to get customers with a specific prediction. When you combine aiRA-powered filters with standard filters, the chances are higher to achieve hit rate, better incremental sales and offer relevant products to customers at the right time.

aiRA power filters use the AI stack of Capillary (AIRA), which has the best in class algorithms with customer tags. These algorithms compute the historical transaction data, customer behavioral data, campaign data, and more to generate an almost accurate prediction.

The following are the types of aiRA power filters.

  1. Transaction Prediction
  2. Lapsation Prediction
  3. Response Prediction
  4. Time Slot Prediction
  5. Top N Transaction Prediction
  6. Top N Lapsation Prediction
  7. Top N Response Prediction
  8. Top N Time Slot Prediction
  9. Top N Store Prediction
  10. Top N Product Prediction

Apply aiRa powered filters

To apply a zero power filter, follow these steps.

  1. In New Audience Filters, go to Apply filter condition > Filter > Zero Power Filters.
    To create new audience filters and apply filter conditions, see Getting Started with Audience Group Filters.  
  2. Select your preferred filter from the category.
  3. Configure the filter using the basic and advanced filter options as required. For details, see the relevant topics.
  4. Click Save Group to save the audience group.