Release Features                    Date: September 14, 2020


We have released the following enhancements on the coupon.

  1. Custom metadata tagging on coupon series.
  2. Enhanced Get coupon details (v2 API).

Custom metadata tagging on Coupon Series

Problem Statement

There are different ways of communicating or viewing coupons issued to customers.  

One of the ways is to show all the active coupons of a customer on the brand's mobile app. A  mobile app would also have a coupon detail page to display terms & conditions along with artwork related to the coupon series instead of just coupon details. Therefore, we need to store this data as well as access it on third party systems.


Now you can set metadata for every coupon series to store information relevant to the brand. There are three new standard metadata fields in the incentive section of the product settings.

  1. Description: This field can store up to 500 characters of information for the coupon series description.
  2. Terms & Condition: This field can store up to 500 characters of information.
  3. Images: This field can store up to three images for a coupon series. These images can be uploaded or selected from the creatives gallery.

You can have five custom fields from the product settings and also edit the segment name as shown below.

While creating the offer or coupon series, in the offer name and expiry section, you can edit information for the fields such as description, segment name, and images.

Third-party systems can access these metadata with V2 APIs. The API Response for Get coupon series mentioned is attached at the end of this release note.

Enhanced Get Coupon Details (v2 API)

Now a coupon is issued to a customer can be redeemed multiple times. The Get coupon details V2 API has been enhanced to include, 

  • The maximum redemptions possible for a coupon. 
  • The count of already redeemed coupons. 
  • The count of remaining redemption for a coupon.

These details are available in the API response only when the query parameter is the coupon Id but not the coupon code. The API response for Get coupon details is attached at the end of this release note.