Release Features                        Date: July 30, 2020


We have released this feature that enables Loyalty notification in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Loyalty Notifications 

In several countries, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with high levels of engagement and penetration. Now brand's customers can receive Loyalty Notifications as WhatsApp message.


The following are the prerequisites for a brand to start with loyalty notification.

  1. The brand needs to have a verified Facebook Business Manager Account. This procedure takes between 5 to 20 working days for Facebook to verify the paperwork submitted by the brand.
    Most brands already have a verified Facebook Business Manager Account.
  2. Once the brand has a verified account, they have to fill out an onboarding form to create an enterprise WhatsApp account and whitelist templates.
  3. A complete guide to set up an enterprise WhatsApp account and configure Loyalty notifications is available below as an attachment.

Basic Capabilities

The following are the basic capabilities that Capillary supports.

  1. Consent Capture
  2. Loyalty Notifications

Consent Capture

WhatsApp mandates that only customers who have provided the Opt-ins will be targeted on the app. 

The V2 Subscription APIs are used to capture Opt-ins on POS, Website/Ecommerce sites, IVR Flows, Missed Calls, and more. Opt-ins can also capture through Outbound Campaigns by redirecting the user to the brand's WhatsApp account as well.

The different options and the effort required to capture WhatsApp is available below as an attachment.

Loyalty Notifications

WhatsApp messages will be triggered for Registration, Transaction, Points, and Tier related events as loyalty notification.

The list of events and the supported tags are available below as an attachment.

Advanced Capabilities

The following are the advanced capabilities that Yellow Messenger (limited Capillary involvement) supports.

  1. Chatbot
  2. Customer Support Portal


Setup automated workflows for frequently asked questions and requests. For example,

  1. Point / Wallet Balance
  2. Active Coupons
  3. Stores around me
  4. Wish listed products
  5. Delivery Status
  6. Customer Surveys

Demo Chatbot – Try it

Customer Support Portal

At the end of each workflow, the bot can hand over the conversation to a customer support executive on WhatsApp or any channel. This process will be managed through Yellow Messenger's Customer Support Portal.

Development on Chatbot and Customer Support Portal will be headed by Yellow Messenger. Capillary's involvement will be limited to consulting on Intouch APIs for data retrieval and updates.

  • A conversation is a series of messages that a customer sends and receives from the brand's enterprise account in a 24-hour rolling window that starts from the last messaging time of the customer.
  • Custom development to set up Chatbot and/or Customer Service Portal will be headed by Yellow Messenger with limited capillary involvement.


The following are the limitations of loyalty notifications.

  1. This feature supports only for Text messages. There is no support for PDF, Image, Audio, or Video yet.
  2. If you enable this feature, WhatsApp will be your mandatory channel.
  3. There will not be any reporting on WhatsApp messages in Insights+. These reports can be sourced directly from the WhatsApp vendor, i.e., Yellow Messenger.
  4. Member Care will not have the log of messages that are sent for a customer.


Price list for the Loyalty Notification and Chatbot.

Loyalty Notifications (Template messages)

Message Volume per Month

WhatsApp Base Charge

Platform Charges per Message

Up to 1 Million Messages

List Price Schedule

INR 0.10

More than a Million Messages

INR 0.057

Effort estimates for different Consent Capture options. 

Chatbot Pricing

Message Unit
Platform Charge
INR 1.15

Resolution or 24 hours

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