Release Date: July 11, 2020


Store2Door now supports ChatShop feature that allows customers to connect to their nearest store directly without the need of store staff to initiate the conversation with the customer.

The ChatShop allows customers to 

  1. find the nearest store, 
  2. connect with staff over Whatsapp and enquire about the catalog or ongoing promotion,
  3. get an order placed through Whatsapp chat.

How does it work?

Brands need to promote the Chatshop page by posting the link on their social pages. When customers click on the post/link, they can find the nearest store depending on their location.

To promote S2D services, brands can reach out to more customers over SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels through posts or ads and to their customers directly.

For example, the sample screenshots provided below shows S2D ChatShop ad. on a brand's Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • Brands to post the link
           Instagram page                                                                                       Facebook page


  • When a customer clicks on the post link, it will be directed to the brand's ChatShop page where the customer can choose the location to get the nearest store location.


  • Customers can start Whatsapp conversation with the store staff by clicking on the Whatsapp icon (next to the store contact no.).