S2D+ is a platform that allows brands to sell their products offline through WhatsApp business account or other channels. The platform also facilitates store stylists to offer the best shopping experience to loyal customers in shopping with their favorite brands and stores without the hassle of going to the stores.


  • Customers want to shop at their favorite stores but cannot go to stores due to health risks - Remote selling allows loyal customers to continue their shopping without stepping out.
  • Leverage offline stores as virtual stores - The store stylists provide the best shopping experience for their customers (with their favorite brands and stores) which would be far better than that of online shopping.
  • Direct fulfillment through offline stores to provide a better shopping experience - Stores can accept orders over phone calls, chats, eCommerce sites, and can continue to fulfill these orders in no time.

Key Features

  • Personalized: Traditional e-commerce doesn't offer the personalized experience of store shopping.
  • Safe: As most people do not take risk of exposure at crowded public places like shopping malls, they will prefer getting things delivered to them.
  • Conscious Consumption: As everyone is aware of mass job losses in the country, people are willing to opt for services that save jobs.
  • Flexible: Still many are not comfortable trusting a stranger deliver products to them, they are ok with picking up the product from stores directly.
  • Loyalty benefits: Loyal customers who have accrued loyalty benefits would be interested in redeeming those and limit using the cash to make the new purchases.
  • Connect with the customers: These are tough times in the market for everyone and a personal call by the store manager would be much more meaningful to build lasting relationships with the customers.

Process Flow

The following are the steps required for a complete S2D+ configuration.


  • Organization Setup: You need to have your org created and configured on InTouch with the following details.
  • Recommendation engine configuration for the org
    • CS or Delivery team to share the org's active till details with the Tech team
    • CS or Delivery team to identify the common product key between CRM and Anywhere Commerce.


The following are the steps involved in configuring S2D+ end-to-end.

  1. Create Call task
  2. Install & Setup WhatsApp Business account
  3. Create all the required store-level custom fields
  4. Send configured call task messages through StoreMax
  5. Create order on ACP and share the payment details to the customer