To create an order on ACP, follow these steps.

Video: Create order and share payment link

  1. Log on to Anywhere Commerce Platform (ACP) and navigate to Orders & Leads > Create Order > Single Order.

  1. In Select Customer search box, use the Search icon to get the customer and select the customer to add.

  1. In Location, select the default location of the product.
  2. Scroll down to the Shipping Address and enter the shipping details of the customer.
  3. Scroll down to the Product Information, use the search box, and select the SKU/Variant of the product. Use Add Another to add more SKUs.

  1. Click Update Summary to see product pricing details.

  1. Scroll down to Apply Discount Voucher and enter voucher codes to redeem for the order (if applicable).
  2. Select the desired Shipping options and Delivery Slot.

  1. Click on Save to save the details. You will see the order summary and an option to generate a payment link.

  1. Click Send Payment link to Customer and do the following.
  1. In To, enter the customer's email ID.
  2. IN Payment type, select Credit Card.
  3. Click Send Email. An email is sent to the customer with the payment link.

Once the user makes the payment through the link, the order will be Authorized. The order will undergo the following stages - Authorize > Picklist Creation > Shipment Creation > Track until delivery.