Once call tasks are assigned to stores, you can use StoreMax to send messages configured for the respective customer through WhatsApp.

Video: Product Sharing & Recommendations

To send a call task message to the respective customer, follow these steps.

  1. Open Chrome browser and enter the StoreMax URL of your cluster.
  2. Enter the Till ID and Password provided by Capillary and click Sign In.

You will see the list of tasks assigned to the store with user IDs and current statuses.

  1. Tap on the task that you want to send. You will see the details of the customer and an option to WhatsApp the message to the customer.

  1. Click the WhatsApp icon to send the message to the customer and share product links. The following is a screenshot of customer conversation.

The customer can browse through the recommended products. If the interaction is fruitful and the consumer is ready to make a purchase, capture the shipping details, and share the payment link to the customer through email.

For details on how to create order through ACP, see Create Order on ACP.