You can create a new call task using the new Engage+ module as explained in the following.

Video: Creating Call Task Campaign

  1. Log on to In Touch, and click ENGAGE+ from the modules menu.

  1. Click on the Settings icon and navigate to the Call Tasks tab and ensure all the required task statuses are mapped. To add a new status, select the respective Value, enter the Label name for the status, and click Submit.

  1. Close the screen to navigate back to the campaigns.

To create a new campaign, refer to the following. 

  1. Click Open new Engage+ > Click New Campaign.
  2. Enter a campaign name and select a campaign duration using the calendar.

    • Start date: The date from which the campaign and all other associated coupons/offers will be valid.
    • End date: The date after which the campaign and all other associated coupons/offers will not be valid.
  3. In the Advanced settings field, click Show to see the advanced settings.

  1. Select the Override test/control ratio, set the Test group to 100% as shown below, and click Done.

  1. Click Save campaign.


  2. Click New message.

  1. Create a Broadcast message and click Next.

  1. Click Add audience group and select customers using any of the options available. For more details on each option, see  

  1. Once the Audience list is created, click Continue to navigate to the content creation field.

  1. Click Add Creative to add content. To create a call task message, see Create Call Task Message. A sample message creation page is shown below.

  1. Click Continue to navigate to Step 3 - Schedule.
  2. Choose your preferred Schedule option. To know more about each schedule option, see Schedule Message.

  1. In Delivery Settings, click Show to see the available delivery options. For more details of Delivery Settings, see Delivery Settings.

  1. Fill in the required options and click Done to continue.
  2. Click Send for approval.

Once it is approved, the message will be delivered as per the schedule.