How is the chat initiated from the WhatsApp business account and who will respond to chats? Is it from a mobile number (Staff), WhatApp Personal, WhatsApp Business?
  • The tasks can be assigned to store staff who can take care of chats and respond accordingly.
What is the best way suggested to utilize all the idle store staff? 
  • Assigning a small set (20-25) of customers to each staff will be ideal. From a technical standpoint, giving access to more people does not create an issue.
Is the content created from Capillary (Templates as per customer category) editable by staff? [OR] Can staff control messages? 
  • Yes, the content is personalized at a customer level. The message can be edited by the staff.
To ensure brand/customer safety, is there any control over staff mistakes?
  • A lot of communication is templatized. Some additional options such as sharing catalog/ looks directly from the StoreMax app is provided.
Is tracking the history of the conversation needed for the audit logs review and training?
  • Yes, an audit log is available. Manually uploaded by store staff.
How the genuineness of the message is ensured? 
How can we ensure that a message is from a genuine source and not a fraud message?
  • Firstly, we suggest some basic steps to ensure that the message is coming from a genuine source such as
    i. Standard business account image
    ii. Description, address
    iii. Product catalog etc.
  • Secondly, the CRM pushes relevant information to the staff app, such as the last purchase item, last purchase date, and loyalty profile details. This helps establish credibility that the msg is from the brand. These details are available only to admins in the CRM system and therefore can help in establishing credibility.
How to train the staff? 
  • We follow the train-the-trainer model. We will train one or more champions at a brand who can further train the staff. As we evolve, we can pass information and learnings across brands through the Customer Success Manager.
How does a customer know about the Customer Escalation Mechanism?
Is there any dashboard for the Customer Escalation Mechanism?
  • Escalations on order status: A staff can access order status information and can keep the customer informed. Escalations and complaints should be handled by a central team. The information can be listed in the profile section or sent to the customer in order confirmation emails.
  • Returns/Cancellations/Post delivery escalations:- The customer should be redirected to your current complaint handling system/ website/ call center to manage complaints.
How to integrate Current Promotions and how promotions are communicated to the customer?
  • All the current promotions can be configured on the backend platform. SKU level promotions can be communicated to customers on chat. Whereas, bundled promotions, special offers, combo offers can be communicated through SMS and email through the CRM platform.
Can we check SKU availability at a store?
  • The platform is capable of maintaining store and warehouse level inventory. Order orchestration rules can route the order based on inventory availability and proximity/ distance.
Can product recommendations be provided on size options as per the customer's previous purchase history?
  • The recommendations can be provided at the variant, size level based on an individual's past purchases.
Is the Inventory integration limited only to the store or can also be extended to the warehouse? 
  • The platform is capable of maintaining inventory at both store and warehouse level. This can be a business call.
How is order loss controlled?
  • Managing loss of sale - System allows managing minimum inventory levels. Beyond that, the order for that store/ warehouse will be re-routed to the next best store based on logic.
  •  Managing captured orders - Each order once created can uniquely be identified by the order id which is also communicated to the customers. The order can be in any of the stages - authorized, waiting for shipment pick up, dispatched, delivered, returned, hold. The actual status can be found by searching with the order ID on the backend panel.
How does the backend of Payment work?
  • Only the payment link is generated and shared with the customer when the order is confirmed. Once payment is made, the order moves to the authorized state for further processing.
Who handles delivery & logistics Cost of purchases and returns?

Customer Location can be shared with the delivery partner on WhatsApp. The cost of delivery and returns is managed by the brand. Delivery location can be shared on WhatsApp with staff and is punched in at the time of ordering.

Can we share the customer's location to the logistics partner on WhatsApp once the order is confirmed?
  • Delivery location can be shared on WhatsApp with staff and is punched in at the time of ordering.
Is there any support for a delivery partner integration with OMS? 
  • We have pre-integrated partners - Shadowfax, dunzo (coming soon) and Swiggy go (coming soon).
How can a customer track his order status? 
  • The customer gets an email/SMS communication every time the order status changes - that is, from confirmed > waiting for logistics pick up > dispatched >delivered > returned and so on. Also, staff can communicate on WhatsApp using the backend panel.
Is it possible for staff to check Order Status? 
  • It is possible from the same backend panel where the order is created.
How does the return process work?

There are two options supported for return.

  • Option 1 - If there is a central customer call center, we can give the backend panel access to the agents to initiate the return.
  • Option 2 - A Customer can reach out to staff on chat. Staff can initiate the return on the same back end panel.
Can a store users view the summary of store orders?
  • Yes, this is available to the manager and a cumulative view is made available to the admin.
Is there support for the orders dashboard (central view)?
  • Yes. This is possible.
Can we provide a brand's Call Centre number for escalations? 
  • Yes. This is the recommended way.
Is refund supported?
  • It is recommended to offer a replacement instead of a return. However, in case of cancellations, a credit note can be issued to the customer and recorded in the backend.
Do you share customers' personal identifiers with the staff? 

The customer number is not explicitly given to the staff. The communication is initiated from the Storemax app.
Is the payment link secure? How does the customer ensure it is genuine? 

    • The payment link redirects the customer to a brand page and further to a secure payment gateway page. A PR announcement, social media post, or banner on the brand website about this service can help build trust.

Can we have the reconciliation of payments of a particular order and Return Reconciliation?
  • The order reports can be provided to the brand at the end of the day for reconciliation. This also includes returns data.
Can we send Customer Safety Communication for cases such as product safety, sanitization, and safe to wear?
  • This can be managed on social media or websites. WhatsApp for the business account page can be used to showcase some of the measures as well.
Does it involve any integration with the brand system for IT Security?
  • No
How to manage orders left without payment, or refund of COD orders?
  • We would advise avoiding COD orders in the near future.