Value Proposition

What can a business achieve just with one WhatsApp Business account even to communicate with customers?

A business can achieve better open/response rates leading to better conversion.

Also, loyal offline customers prefer offline channel and hence WA enables more personal/assisted shopping experiences to customers.

Are we open to integrating with other Order Management Systems for this solution? Can we take this solution to clients on other Ecom platforms like Magento, and Hybris?

S2D+ should be considered as the first step to onboard a customer on ACP considering faster go-live.

S2D+ can provide an option for brands that are already on other Ecom platforms to move their data to ACP to leverage the end-to-end capillary platform capabilities with minimal integrations.

How does it integrate with the current ECommerce site?

S2D+ should be considered as the first step to onboard a customer on ACP considering faster go-live.

S2D+ can provide an option for brands that are already on other Ecom platforms to move their data to ACP to leverage the end-to-end capillary platform capabilities with minimal integrations.

What is the value proposition and timelines for customers using Capillary CRM?

CRM data helps understand customer propensity to shop and recommend the right products to customers.

Retailers who do not have Ecom (either on Capillary or otherwise) can start selling to loyal customers with the ACP setup for S2D+ deliveries within days.

What is the limitation for customers using other vendors' CRM?

To run the call tasks through the Engage+ along with recommendations, there is no limitation if we can import data into Capillary CRM.

What are the value propositions for customers using other vendors' CRM?

We can import CRM data of the brand and help the brand segment the data to target the right audience. Hence, we extend the same value proposition to the brand with all the benefits of an already CRM onboarded brand.

What is the value proposition and timelines for customers using Capillary Ecommerce?

They can leverage their offline customer data to drive more sales.

They can continue using their existing ACP setup for faster go-live.

What is the value proposition and limitation for customers using other vendors' Ecommerce?

Brands do not have to integrate with ACP or move their commerce to ACP. With basic catalog (1-time) and inventory (daily) import, brands can start S2D+ operations.

Is it possible for a brand that is using Capillary eComm and wants to route the customers of WhatsApp Business account to their eComm website, and fulfill their orders through the eComm website itself? 

If a customer still has active orders getting processed through their eComm website, they may see this as a bit of add-on and not completely rely on S2D+.

How does the whole workflow tie back into the backend if a brand wants to use the S2D+ only to route the customers to the eComm website?

1. It is an ideal flow for offline customers to go online. May not be as effective for already online customers.
2. That is the primary value-add. to use S2D+ to route customers to eComm either through self/assisted shopping flow.

mStylist vs mShopper

How is mShopper different from normal WhatsApp based communications which we claim to do in our pitches?

It is not very different if it is transactional DVS sent to customers on WhatsApp.

Does this include a separate consumable cost for WhatsApp msg?

Yes, for mShopper there is a cost per message which varies for each geo.

What is the consumer journey for business where ABS is very high - like grocery or hypermarket?

Listing a long catalog may be confusing mStylist where the catalog is shared with the customer is not recommended for items like groceries.

Is there a possibility or plan of integrating OMS with WhatsApp for order creation, cancellation, status, etc.?

It is possible with the mShopper flow where the APIs are integrated with ACP. This will take longer for onboarding. Hence, it is not recommended considering faster GTM expectations.
Like USSD is category navigation possible in mshopper. For example:
1. Shirts
2. Pants
3. Shorts
4. Jackets
Press 1 to get catalog of shirts etc. Yes, that is the ideal flow for mShopper

What are the additional consumables costs required to be borne by the customer?

There is no additional consumable cost for mStylist.  However, it is geo-specific for mShopper.

If the customer promotes a WhatsApp number, how would the inquiries be routed to agents?

Assuming the customer has a dedicated team to support the interaction/order processing. For inbound brands will have to promote mShopper (Enterprise WA) account number.

Isn't data privacy a risk of exposing customer details to store staff for communication? What are we replying if any client ask such questions on customer data privacy?

Store staff anyways has access to the customer information when we send call tasks to the InStore via CMT. However, we have made it difficult to access customer info directly on the StoreMax app in S2D+.Personal information of the customer is not visible on the StoreMax app.

messages/recos are directly sent to the customer's WA without info copy-paste etc.
The info is visible to the staff when the message is sent from WhatsApp.

Does the client have to take any type of permission or tick box from the customer before communication starts on WhatsApp?

No opt-in /consent is required to send messages to the customers on WhatsApp from WA for Biz app.

Is there any fraud/ security measure that we have taken to handle fraud scenarios? For example, can a store staff message a customer through his WhatsApp, and if your transaction failed. Can you pay using the Paytm/ bank account?

This may not be prevented by the system.


What is the list of deliverables we need from a client? For example, is Business Account with WhatsApp required from the client end?

No. Only register with the WA for Business app for SMBs.

WA Biz account

With regards to the WhatsApp business acct, can multiple store staff log in to the same WhatsApp business account using various mobile devices (their personal devices)?

One staff can log in to one biz and one personal a/c simultaneously on their phones. Multiple staff cannot log in to single WA biz app.

If store staff is able to send the communication out via their own mobile number, does this mean that WhatsApp for Business is secondary?

We recommend Biz account with branding/setup with the business details. Technically personal WhatsApp accounts can also be used.


Will we be giving store level order creation features from the backend to create order by the store manager for any product confirmation from a customer?

Yes, stores will get access to ACP Control panel.

How do we track orders that are being placed? Is there a report or a central order recording system?

Yes, all commerce events are recorded on ACP.

GTM kit - Collateral, Pricing, and Positioning

Can we have a 1-2 page collateral that can be sent to customers in the very first email to explain in a crisp/concise manner on what S2D+ is all about?

This way they know what we are talking about and they want to learn more We have a video. We feel it is very effective based on the response we have received so far.

Do we have some collaterals on Data Security related to WhatsApp commerce / S2D+?

Yes. We can share if required.

If a customer or a prospect that doesn't have an eComm site with us or our competitors, and not willing to invest in eComm now, can we still engage with the customer for S2D+? If yes, how do we spin that pitch and what kind of capillary applications are required besides WhatsApp Business Account? 

As we are not bringing in any license or cap-ex for retailers in these tough times. % of additional sales is our pitch.

Engage+, StoreMax, ACP basic setup

Any other cost that might occur for S2D+ if a customer using different eComm platform (say Magento)?

No. We shall take a % share of the sales from S2D+.


Can a brand record this sale in offline since the efforts would be done by store staff while providing an Omni-channel experience to customers?


I see that a payment link will be sent to the customer. Where does the link lead you to - credit card payment page?

Yes, it leads to the payment page. Refer to slide 16 in the product deck for mStylist below


Is the access to communicating with customers given only to the store manager or also to store staff?

It could be anyone that brands deem fit to communicate with the customers. Some stores have dedicated staff who act as personal stylists/shopping assistant.

How would training of store staff to place order/ routing to another store in the backend happen? Is this train the trainer?

Brands with a large number of stores will find it difficult to train non-tech store staff on the backend. We shall arrange for staff training.


If a brand already has a CRM and CMT from other vendors, what is our solution to get customer data? Should we integrate it with the CRM or just import the data?

Import is preferred over integration considering faster GTM.


To do the onboarding of 200 customers, say, you send 50 SMSs, 50 emails, 50 Wechat Messages, and 50 FB msgs. How do you trackback that inbound traffic to WhatsApp business Account? Is there a mechanism around that?

WhatsApp messages will originate from Engage+ as call tasks. We have reporting for Call task ROI.


What kind of data is needed for recommendation logic to work? 

At least 2 yrs of CRM data that includes Customer + Transactions + Line items + Product data.


For a customer who does not currently use our CRM, should Insights+ and Engage+ modules be deployed to identify and segment customers to engage on S2D+? How does this affect the 1-2 week go Live timeline? 

This setup should be done within a week.

Is there a test setup environment ready for customers to use their mobile numbers on? By when can we have a working demo for mShopper?

A lot of Grocery customer are not able to relate to mStylist.