Release Date: March 26, 2020

Tracking and comparing KPIs over time is an essential business requirement. The most frequently used method to visualize these numbers is to show the same KPI for different time periods side by side. Though this was supported earlier, there were some limitations. 

  • Time periods selected were applicable for all the KPIs in the chart and no option to select a time period for an individual KPI. 
  • The compare option was limited to some predefined time period relative to the report end date only.

This release is targetted to avoid unnecessary fields on the chart (KPI specific time period) and to cover most use cases around time period comparison (custom time period).

  • KPI specific time period
    This feature allows the user to select the time periods specific to individual KPIs within a chart. It will be accessible through chart explore mode only.

  • Users can select time periods for specific KPI by selecting the KPI from the dropdown.

  • Custom time periods
    • The feature enables the user to define a custom time period relative to the Report time period(RTP).
    • The custom time period can be defined relative to the Report start date or report end date.

Please make sure that you are in report edit mode if you want to save these changes permanently.

Release Date: March 7, 2020
We have released the "Lapsation Propensity" or "Churn Killer" feature on EI and Audience Manager. Churn Killer is a Campaign that is executed to prevent customers from lapsing. The customers who are most likely to lapse/churn is targetted with an appropriate offer.

Churn Killer

Capillary's advanced AI/ML models are used to predict the likelihood of a customer to churn. The models are based on Advanced Neural networks with multiple features such as demographics, R/L ratio, product purchases, transacting store, etc. and have an accuracy upward of 90%.
Running a Churn Killer Campaign will impact the following KPIs for a brand:

  1. Increase Repeat Rate 
  2. Reduce Avg. Latency
  3. Reduce Lapsation Rate
How to plan a Churn Killer Campaign?

A Report with the name "Lapsation Propensity" will help in planning a Churn Killer Campaign.

  • Top Level Scorecards provide the overall health of the Customer Base with Success Metrics.
  • The Chart "Customer Count with the Likelihood to Lapse" shows the % of the base which has a high likelihood to lapse. In the above report, 10.4% of the base has a high probability to lapse.
  • The Chart "Expected ROI from Churn Killer Campaign" provides a potential revenue impact. This Chart has a variable, "Expected Hit Rate" which can be changed to analyze the expected revenue further. The default value is 1%. See below to learn how to do this analysis. The expected revenue from targetting Customers who are most likely to lapse is ~605M IDR at 0.7% Hit Rate.

What types of Campaigns can be executed?

The Churn Killer Campaign can be configured as:
  1. Outbound
  2. Recurring
  3. Timeline
We can start with Outbound to study the effectiveness of this campaign for a brand and then automate it using a Timeline or Recurring.
To configure this campaign we have released 2 filters.
  1. Lapsation Propensity: Get the list of customers who are most likely to lapse with different likelihoods. 

  2. Top N Lapsation: Get Top Customers who are most likely to lapse.

  3. These filters can also be used to optimize the list in other campaigns by excluding customers who have a high probability to lapse.

Product This is an advanced feature that is not available by default. We are currently offering a limited period free trial for the same. If you want this enabled for your brand than please reach out Jyotiska Bhattacharjee.
We would also be sharing the following in the next few days.
  • GTM slides for brand presentations
  • Pricing
DS Consultancy: These models can be further customized with the help of Ashutosh K 's team. This would be an advanced analytics consulting engagement. Please see an example from Redtag below: