Release Date: February 25, 2020.

Advanced sorting for charts

The new enhancement allows users to create custom sorting order in a chart based on the applicable dimensions and KPIs. Using drag and drop functionality, users can select and arrange the fields in the required order of sorting.

  • To access sorting feature, On the Edit report, go to Explore mode > Advanced Options > Sort table.

Custom sorting is also available for Pivot table charts. Based on the order you select, both rows and columns will be sorted.

Sorting Criteria

  • For fields with numerical metadata, you can sort based on the metadata associated. For example, Slab, Customer Segment.
  • For other fields, you can sort based on the display name.

For more details, see Explore Chart.

Pivot chart -  total field support  (#VMM #REDTAG)

Now, Pivot table charts support Row total and Column total fields. You have an option to enable Row total and column total in the chart explore mode.

This option is available in the chart explore mode only.

  • To access total feature, On Edit report, go to Explore mode > Advanced Options > Pivot table.

For more details, see Explore Chart.

Release Date: February 11, 2020.

Dimension Grouping

Problem Statement

Many times users want to group multiple values of a dimension into another value and generate reports based on the new grouped values. For example:

  1. Group stores into Tier 1 stores, Tier 2 store, Tier 3 stores and so on.

  2. Group customer promo, line-item promo, and bill promo together and call it promotional points.

Till now, the only possible solution was to create a new extended field for each required grouped dimension. This is not a scalable solution and it has a dependency on multiple teams like Platform and Integration.


The dimension grouping feature will enable users to create groups of dimension values directly on the EI. This is similar to the Case statement which was supported in conquest. 

  • Currently, there are options to select manually or file upload based options are available for creating groups. For dimension with high cardinality, only file upload option will be available.
  • All stores that were not grouped will be shown as Not-Captured.


  1. The number of grouped dimensions will be limited to 15 per org.
  2. Grouping will not be available for dimensions where banding is available. For example, the Date dimension

For more details, see the support documentation Create Custom Dimensions.