This feature allows you to create an audience group from multiple audience groups. You can edit the combined list name.

Currently, the combined list can be created only while creating a message. Follow the Create a message flow.

To create a combined audience list, refer to the following.

  1. On the create a message flow, enter the new message details, and then go to the Audience section.
  2. Click on the Add audience group.
  3. Select the audience groups by selecting the checkbox next to it, and then click Done.
  4. Edit the combined audience list name by clicking on the edit icon.
    • You can add more audience group by clicking on +Add audience groups.
    • You can remove an audience group by clicking on the cross icon  next to it.
    • Exclude audience: You can also exclude audiences from the combined list. To exclude an audience group from the selected audience, enable the Exclude audiences option using the toggle button. Click +Add audience group and create or select an audience group. The selected audience will be excluded from the campaign.

The combined list will appear on the audience page with a title 'combined list' below the audience group name.