This feature allows you to split an audience group into multiple parts (maximum 4). You can edit the number of audiences in each group and modify the name of the split list.

To split an audience group:

  1. On the Engage+ page, click the Audience tab.
  2. Click on the audience group that you want to split.
  3. Hover the cursor on (more options), and then click Split audience.
  4. Select the Number of parts that you want to split the list by clicking the + button.
  5. Glide the slider on the bar to change the number of audiences in each list, and then click Done.
    • You can add an audience using the + button.
    • You can edit the audience using.
    • You can remove the audience by clicking x icon.

The split list button will appear on the audience page with the audience group name.

You cannot create another split list from a split list audience group.