About the release

This release introduces a new design for the navigation bar on InTouch. The release is effective in all the clusters, across all the organizations. The new design enables ease of use and better navigation across products, modules, settings, and org on InTouch.

Navigation Bar Features

Product widget: All Capillary CRM products and modules can easily be accessed through the product widget on the left of the navigation bar.

Organization drop-down: Available to the right of the product widget, the org drop-down is available for the user to choose the organization/brand.

Support portal: The support icon redirects the user to the Capillary Support Portal. Users can find all product reference documents and support articles on the portal.

Product settings: This icon opens the current product’s settings for the user. For example, if the user is on Engage+, the Engage+ settings would open up. The organization settings are available under the profile icon on the navigation bar.

Profile: The profile section provides options based on the logged in user’s access. Users who have access will be able to view the organization settings and admin settings from this dropdown. Other user options including profile settings and logout would also be available from this section.

The new navigation bar is available across orgs on the Engage+ new UI as well.

Future releases

The Insights+ product, as well as some of the remaining modules on the InTouch platform, will be adapting to the new navigation bar in a future release.