Release Date: November 20, 2019.

Performance Improvements

  • Multiple performance improvement updates focused on improving report loading time. Improved average report loading time by 39%.


New Standard Reports

For the entire list of Standard Reports, see Introduction to Insights+.

  • Referral Campaign Standard Report: The referral campaign report is now available as a standard report. It can be used to track the performance of a referral campaign based on the number of referrals sent and the conversion rate.

  • SMS Credit Ledger Report: This report is useful for getting daily/monthly level SMS credit added, credit debited, and credit balance data for the org.

  • Points Ledger Report: This standard report is used to get a monthly level data of points issued, points debited, and overall liability.  Further drill down option to split points debited based on the event type (redemption, expiry, return) per day level.

Drilldown option:

  • Points Expiry Reminder Report: Track points expiry reminders sent to customers.


  • Global Test-Control Filter: Lets you filter customers based on the global test-control tag. This is useful for brands where both Global and Campaign level test-control strategies are used. For more details, see Global Test/Control.

  • Top N Customers by Number of Transactions: Lets you filter top N customers by the number of transactions besides the existing options - Sales and Quantity. For more details, see Top N Customers.

  • Age Group Filter: Lets you filter customers using age-related extended fields (days, months, or years). For example, the customer's birthday, child1 birthday, child2 birthday, spouse birthday and so on. For more details, see Age Group.