About the release

This release introduces enhancement features in the new interface for Engage+. In the message summary screen, preview links are added to view audiences, offers and contents associated to the message. Message performance statistics have also been added to the summary screen. Message approval request notifications have been added to the product. Along with these features, some design and UX enhancements have also been released.

Message summary screen

Message performance:

The performance statistics of a message will now be available on the message summary screen after the message has been executed. This includes the contacted customers, delivery rate, hit rate and responded sales. This performance information will show up one day after message execution.

Preview of message components

The audience groups, offers, contents associated to the message can now directly be previewed from the message summary screen. In case multiple audience groups are added to the message, the combined derived group can also be previewed from the summary screen.

Approval request: Email notification

Brand users can now receive notifications each time they need to approve a message. Once a message creator sends a message for approval, an email notification will be sent out to all the users added in the alerts section. This user list can be set up in the ‘Message approval request’ field in  Settings > Alerts. The email notification consists of message details along with a link to open the message summary page directly.

Audience groups: ‘Duplicate & Edit’ feature

Filtered audience groups can now be duplicated and edited to create new groups. This is available as an option from the audience group preview screen.

Design updates and support documents

There are several minor design updates. This includes:

  • Message delivery/advanced settings has shifted out of the schedule section in the message creation flow.

  • The design of the message summary screen has been enhanced.

  • There are UI updates to each of the module listing pages when the lists are empty.

Features in future releases

The new UI has a lot of exciting features in store. The major features to be released in the upcoming releases include personalised messages and channel priority settings.