About the release

This release introduces a new interface for the Engage+ product. It supports the creation of campaigns and outbound messages. It has separate modules for audience management, creatives and incentives that a user can access from within and outside of campaigns.

This interface currently supports the outbound campaign and message flow. All other types of campaigns would still be available in the existing interface.

Note: The new interface will be available only for brands that are enabled for this update.

Transition to the new interface

The transition to the new interface is available from the current campaign listing section and from the campaign creation section.

Note: This will only be available to brands on request. Brands can reach out to a Capillary customer service leader to raise this request.

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Click here to view a quick reference video for transitioning to the new interface

What's New

Campaigns creation flow

  • In the new UI, during campaigns and message creation, the communication type (outbound, bounceback, survey, referral, timeline) is not selected at the campaign level. It is selected at the message level. So a campaign is created without choosing a type and the message created within the campaign should have the type. Currently, with this release, only outbound messages are available in the new UI. Once the other type of messages are released to the new UI, a single campaign can have multiple messages with different types.
  • During the campaign creation process, brands are encouraged to select a campaign objective. In future releases, the user will get objective based reports for the campaigns as well as automated message suggestions.

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Click here to view a quick reference video for campaign creation

Message creation flow

  • new message can be created by a common creation flow across all channels. Channel selection is one of the steps during content creation within the message.
  • Message creation flow starts with defining message name and message type. Currently only outbound (broadcast) type is being released. In the future releases, bounceback (real-time) type would also be available.
  • One or more audience lists can be included and/or excluded to define the final audience for a message. Creation of new audience lists is also available within the message creation flow.
  • Channel selection and content creation is the next step. Based on the channel selected, the content can be created or existing content templates can be used (like in the current flow). The channels available in the current release are SMS, email, call tasks and push notifications. Other channels like WeChat and Line will be part of future releases.
  • Messages can be scheduled with the same three options as available in the current interface.
  • Delivery settings for the message are available within the message creation flow as well.
  • Once all steps of the message creation are completed, it can be sent for approval.

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Click here to view a quick reference video for message creation

Message summary page

  • Once a message is created, it is visible in the message listing page within the campaign. Clicking the message opens the message summary page. This page gives an overview of the entire message along with the message status.
  • Message summary page also provides the test and preview option.
  • The approver of the message can look at the overview, test and preview the message from this page. He/she can approve/reject/edit from the summary page based on all the information.
  • Any edits to the message can be initiated from this summary page.

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Click here to view a quick reference video for message summary

Message live monitoring dashboard

  • The new interface introduces a message live monitoring section allowing brands to see all their messages scheduled date wise. This dashboard gives all brands a simple overview of sent, not sent and scheduled messages.

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Separate modules for creatives, incentives and audience management

  • While all three modules are still available during the campaign and message creation process, they have been made available as separate modules accessible from outside the campaign flow as well.
  • Audience lists, creative templates and incentives for a particular brand can be viewed, created and edited from their individual tabs.
  • This release supports audience list creation through uploads and filters. Further releases will include creation of new lists through a combinations or splits of existing lists.
  • In the audience module, a direct export option of an audience list is now available.
  • Currently, the incentives module includes only offer creation.
  • In this release, the supported channels in the creatives module are SMS, email and push notifications.

Click here to view a quick reference video for the separate modules

Engage+ settings

  • Engage+ settings is available in the new interface and includes all sections required for outbound (broadcast) messages.
  • Organisation general settings and other campaign related settings will still be available from the existing interface.


  • The new interface introduces a revamped navigation bar for Capillary’s products. This allows brands and users to select the Capillary product through a widget and the brand/organisation through a selection drop down.
  • This new revamped navigation will be available for all brands in the existing interface and the Insights+ interface in a future release.

Features released across all brands

There are minor UI updates on incentives/offers and creatives and these have been released across all brands (including brands not enabled for the new interface).

Upcoming changes

Our products are being renamed. Campaigns will be called Engage+, Analytics will be Insights+ and Loyalty will be Loyalty+. 

Message types are also being renamed. Outbound messages will be called Broadcast messages and will have new automated & intelligent features available as message strategies. Bounceback messages will be renamed to Real-time messages.