Multiple FTP support

Data export now supports up to 5 FTP servers. While scheduling the new export, users will get an option to select one of the configured FTP servers.

  • The configuration page has been moved under the Data export tab on Insights+.

Also, you can now have one dedicated FTP location for internal export purposes. Other slots can be used for external FTP servers as required. For more details, see Configure FTP Server of Data Export.

Figure: Adding an FTP Server

Top N Customers in Filters

  • This filter lets you get top N customers (by value or percentage) of selected criteria.

For more information, please refer to the Filters based on Purchase Behavior/Pattern of the Audience Group Filters documentation.

New Timeline Contacted Customers filter

  • This filter lets you select customers that were targeted for the Timeline campaigns in a given duration. You can further filter by channel, timeline, milestone, and message delivery status, such as received, sent, read, and sending.

For more details, see Timeline Contacted Customers.