Capillary Engage+ is a marketing automation solution that helps to create significant and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns. You can create a campaign for different marketing objectives, such as Sales promotion, New Store opening, Brand anniversary, Birthday, and many others.

MLP support in Engage+ allows an org to uniquely identify customers according to the Loyalty Program they belong to and send messages/offers accordingly. This helps an org to do some cross-vertical sales. For more details, click here.

An organization has different org units or brands within their own parent organization. The org units have their own marketing strategies. Orgs with multiple brands (org units) can create campaigns for each OU separately to establish clear boundaries between different OUs within their organizations. This also makes it easy to identify campaigns that are created for a specific OU. For example, multi-brand orgs like Tata can create campaigns exclusively for Titan (OU) or Voltas (another OU) separately. It will be cumbersome to create or show org-level campaigns for every user instead of just showing the ones that are relevant.

Reach your customers by running campaigns using emails, SMS, social media, and in-store outlets via bulk or trigger messages. Capillary's campaign manager is also powered by customer analytic which helps in create significant and personalized email/SMS campaigns and generate campaign reports.

  1. Campaign overall performance dashboard: Shows the overall performance of campaigns for the last 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.
  2. Search Campaign: Enter the campaign name in the search box.
  3. Filters campaigns by duration: Click the calendar icon to enter the duration in Start date and End date.
  4. OU Filter: View different org units of an org.
  5. Filter campaigns by status, marketing objective, and/or created by: Click on filters icon for advanced filters, choose the desired options, and click Apply.
  • Campaign status: Select Campaign status and choose from the following options.
    • Live: Shows ongoing campaigns.
    • Upcoming: Shows the future campaigns.
    • Lapsed: Shows the past or inactive campaigns. 
  • Marketing Objective: The marketing objective is an option to define the purpose of your campaign. For example, Boost sales, Acquire customers, Promote specific products and so on. To know more about marketing objective, see Marketing Objective.
  • Created by:  This options allows you to filter campaigns created by a specific user. Select the user in the drop-down box.

Role-based Access to Engage+

We can provide access to org users based on their access for each of the following actions or components.

  1. Create campaigns

  2. Create campaign messages

  3. Approve messages of a specific Incentive type - points, coupons, or both

  4. Create an audience list using filters

  5. Upload audience list (CSV upload)

  6. Create coupons (offers)

  7. View campaign reports

By default, a user is provided with all the permissions. To revoke access, log a Jira ticket.