Points strategy is created under Loyalty+ program. Under Engage+, you can only allocate the existing points strategy to a campaign message. This can be added to a campaign message only through message creation method. To know more about message creation, refer the Create message flow

To add a points strategy, refer the followings. 

  1. Under add incentive, click Points Strategy.
  2.  Select the points allocation method from the following.  
    • Select a loyalty program from the column 1.
    • Select an allocation method and points expiry from column 2 and column 3.
  3. Click Done.


  1. Point issue strategy: Points issue lets you select different point awards for different customers.
  2. Points expiry strategy: Points Expiry helps in bringing customers back to your stores to redeem their points before expiry. Therefore, keep customers engaged with stores.
  3. Loyalty program: Customer enrollment and engagement program to incentivise customers with points based on their activities.
  4. To know more about points creation, allocation and redemption strategy, see Loyalty+.