Delivery setting allows you to set sender id, enable POC, and use tiny URL.


Configure SMS Sender IDs

On the dashboard, click the Settings icon.

  • SMS sender detail:
    • SMS Domain: Select an SMS domain from the drop-down list. The SMS will be sent from the selected domain.
    • SMS GSM sender ID: Select an SMS gsm sender ID.
    • SMS CDMA sender ID: Select an SMS CDMA sender ID.

Email Notifications to POCs

  • Send to POCs: POCs (Point of Contacts) is the brand user group. Enable this option to send messages to the POCs as well. The messages will be sent based on the delivery schedule.

        To create a POCs group, refer the following.

  1. On the dashboard, click the settings icon.
  2. Click Users groups, and then click Create user group.
  3. Enter a group name for POCs users.
  4. Under all contacts tab, select users by clicking +Add next to it, and then click Done.

Enable Tiny URL

  • Use tiny url: Enabling this option will reduce the length of the URL, whereas, the URL destination will not be affected.