To create a new Audience Group, refer to the followings.

On Dashboard, click Audience tab.

  1. Create New.
  2. Enter an Audience Group name.
  3. Click Upload a file, and then click Next.
  4. Refer the following CSV upload instructions and upload a CSV file..
    1. Download a sample CSV file.
    2. Remove the headers from the CSV file.
    3. The file size can be up to 20 MB.
    4. All the duplicate entries will be merged.
  5. Select an appropriate tag for each column, and then click Confirm and Upload.
  6. Preview the reachability of the audience in the group, and then click Done.


  • While uploading a CSV, an identifier tag is compulsory to include. Mobile, email, external id, and user id. The tags should be present in continuation. You can add a maximum of 5 custom tags.
  • After clicking Confirm and upload, if the upload is taking a longer time, you may close it. The upload process will still continue in the background.