Call tasks are the messages which are sent to the store staffs. These messages are suggestions/instructions for the store staffs.

A call task content can only be created under message creation section. To create a call task content, click Campaign tab on Dashboard, and then click Create campaign. Refer the Create campaign flow

To create a new call task content, refer the followings. 

  1. On the Creative templates page, click the Push Notification tab.
  2. Select your preferred Push Notification account.
  3. Under add creative, click Call Task tab, and then click Add new Call task.
  4. Enter a Call Task title.
  5. Enter a Call Task MessageClick +Add Label to use appropriate tags in the message.
  6. Enter a description of the call task.  The description is useful for the store staffs.
  7. Click Done.

  • You can see a sample view of your message on the right panel.