Release Date: 6 September, 2019.

External Reports

This feature facilitates embedding external reports directly on EI using the report URL. The following are main use cases  of the feature.

  • This helps brands that cannot create specific reports on EI, but are created and maintained by Solutions team separately.
  • This also helps brands where specific reports are maintained on external BI tools as data is not available on EI.

  • Supports three query parameters
    • orgId
    • userId
    • ouId 
  • Supports two types of authentication 
    • Basic authentication
    • Capillary authentication

Reports Creation Flow

We have simplified the report creation flow and provided an option to add descriptions for each report. This would make it easier to find and share a report with other users.

Access Only to Data Export & Customer Segmentation (#Landmark  #Productivity )

Now, EI users can have access only to Data Export and Customer Segmentation. 

Sometimes, brands use third-party analytics vendors and shares data through email. This can now be avoided by providing selective access to Data Export and Customer Segmentation. Vendors can export data or upload customer lists directly on EI.

Remove Access to Data Export or Customer Segmentation (#Redtag #StoreManagers)

This helps in providing EI access to store managers where these features are not required.

New Dimensions Last Purchased Store Name or Registered Store Name (#Redtag)

These two dimensions are now available as dimensions under User category.

Support for SFTP (#Data Security)

Export Framework now supports Secured File Transfer Protocol.