Release Date: July 19, 2019.

New Releases

Advanced Analysis using KPI based Filters

  • New Registrations KPI at OU level.
  • Now you can perform advanced analysis by applying KPI filters not only on report view but also for Scheduled Report and Downloaded Report.
  • Calculate hit rates of an Org unit (OU), store, or brand promotion campaigns.
  • Calculate product hit rates for Product Promotion Campaigns.

The following is an example of Cross OU Campaign Hit-Rate.


Extended fields support on transaction-based filters

  • Support for extended fields in all transaction-based filters using +/- Fields on the filter UI.

Integration if support documentation on the product UI search

  • To increase adoption of support documentation, we have made support articles available as a search result on the EI's Search box.

Access to Support Documentation, Release Notes, and FAQs

  • End-users can access Support Documentation, Release Notes, and FAQs directly from the UI.

  • Integration of Customer Success Hub for the end-users to directly navigate to the Service Desk Portal from Essential Insights to raise requests or interact with the service team.