The following are the limitations of Behavioral Events.

  • No support for standard entities such as SKU, and category in filters and KPIs for custom events.
  • No support for anonymous events, customer identifier is required.
  • Data is captured only from predefined integrations (such as WebEngage or Webhook), and not directly from sources (such as Ecommerce website, app, and WeChat).
  • The platform registers customers from the registered user profiles data shared in S3 bucket. If there is no WebEngage integration, customer registration needs to handle through API Integration.
  • Limitations for Custom Events:
    • A maximum of 10 active events are allowed in an org.
    • A maximum of 20 attributes are allowed in an event.
    • Custom attribute names can have only up to 50 characters.
    • Custom attributes can have only enum, date, Boolean, integer, double, and string as data types.