The following are different types of campaign messages. Select the appropriate message type to define the type of communication. Currently, the Outbound message can only be selected from Engage+ new UI.

Message TypeDescription
OutboundOutbound campaigns help to target a large number of customers through bulk messages about offers or promotions. 
BouncebackBounceback campaigns help to issue coupons instantly to customers based on the current purchase or a barcode scan, or many events. Hence, you can write rules on either of the two events.
TimelineTimeline Campaigns help you add a “time” dimension to your marketing campaigns. Timeline Campaigns run based on certain triggers such as first transaction, last transaction, or on real-time events.  It is a series of communication multiple time based

You can send a survey to your customers by creating a set of questions and sending the link through SMS or Email. Survey Campaigns help you identify promoters (who are happy with the service and products offered by your organization and likely to refer your brand to their friends) and detractors (those who are not likely to refer your brand) in your customer base.

ReferralThe Referral Campaigns help acquire new customers by having existing customers refer their friends and contacts to visit your store. You can configure your referral campaigns in such a way that you can reward both the referrers (the existing customers who had provided the email IDs or phone numbers of their friends) and the referrals (the friends of existing customers to whom the invitation to visit the store had been sent) when the referrals enroll into your loyalty program or make transactions.