Campaigns overall performance report

The Engage+ home page shows the overall performance of campaigns the past 7 Days (7D), 1 month (1M), 3 months (3M), and 6 months (6M). 

To see campaigns overall performance:

  1. Log on to InTouch and navigate to the Engage+ (menu options). 
  2. In Overall performance, click the period (7D, 1M, 3M, or 6M) for which you want to see the performance.

  • Contacted Customer: The total number of customers to whom a communication has been sent out through campaigns for the selected period.

  • Delivery Rate: The percentage of sent messages that have been delivered (received by the customers )successfully.

  • Hit Rate: The percentage of customers to whom the communication has been sent out and have transacted in the campaign duration.

  • Responder Sales Total sales generated by targeted customers during the campaign period.

  • Incremental Sales

Incremental Sales = (Test Hit Rate - Control Hit Rate) * Test Contacted * Test Responders Spend Per Customer.

On the basis of test and control group campaigns, incremental sales are categorized as follows.

  1. Incremental Sales - Campaigns with Test and Control: The formula is as mentioned above. However, only campaigns that have a control group are considered in this computation. If a campaign does not have a control group (or if incremental sales are negative), the value for this KPI will be 0.

  2. Incremental Sales - Test only Campaigns - In campaigns where there is no Control group, a percentage of responder sales will be considered as incremental sales. This percentage value is currently 12% by default. However, you can modify the  percentage value in Insights+ (Library -> KPIs -> Incremental Sales - Test only Campaigns -> Edit).

If a campaign has a Control group, the value for this KPI will be 0.
  1. Incremental Sales - Variant - This KPI will give a sum of (1) and (2) mentioned above. You should use this directly for reporting incremental sales. However, you need to change the percentage of responder sales value (explained in (2) above) separately for this KPI. You can also change the name of the KPI for your org. 

View campaign summary report

To view the summary report of a campaign, follow these steps.

On the Engage+ home page, scroll down to the Campaign tab.

Search and select the campaign for which you want to see the report.

  • Real-time open and click rates.

(Open): The number of customers who have opened the email

(Clicked): The number of unique customers that clicked on the link sent through email.

  • Scheduled Status: The current status of the scheduled campaign. Upcoming, Live, Ended, Completed.
  • Performance Target Base: The total number of targeted customers for the campaign message.
  • Contacted customers: The total number of customers reached through the campaign.
  • Contacted rate: The percentage ratio of the contacted customers to the targeted customers.
  • Delivery rate: The percentage ratio of messages sent minus messages bounced to the total number of messages sent.