To create a new offer (incentive), refer the following.

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Incentive tab, and then click Create Offer. Offer creation includes 3 major subsections of it.
    • Offer name and expiry
    • Discount details
    • Coupon details
  2. Click Offer name & expiry, and enter an offer name, and expiry date.
  3. Click Discount detail, and enter discount value and validity.
  4. Click Coupon details, and enter/select coupon details. 
  5. Click Preview and Save, and preview the offer details, and then click Create offer.


  1. You can also modify the offer advanced settings. To know more, click Offer advanced settings.
  2. To know more about offer name & expiry, see Offer name and expiry.
  3. To know more discount details, see Discount details.
  4. To create a new coupon creation, see Create Coupon.

1. Offer name & expiry

  1. Enter an offer name.
  2. Select an offer expiry date.
    • Along with campaign system: The offer expires, once the campaign ends.
    • Fixed date. The offer expires on the mentioned date.
  3. Enter a point-of-sale identifier code.

2. Discount details

  1. Select a discount value option for each coupon.
    • Fixed amount: Enter an amount in INR. This will allow the user to avail the mentioned discount amount on any selected product.

    • Percentage based: Enter a percentage. This will allow the user to avail the mentioned discount percentage on any selected product.

  2. Select the coupon applicability option.

    • All products: The coupon is applicable to all products.
    • Selected products: The coupon is applicable on selected products. If you select, selected products, then select the category and brands.
  3. Applicable on sale items: If this option is enabled the coupon will be applicable on items which are on sales. Use the toggle button to enable this option.
    Note: If you enable the ‘Applicable on sale items’ option, the offer will be applicable on both (All products/ selected products and on sale products).

3. Coupon details

A coupon can only be created under an offer. To know more about coupon creation, see Create Coupon.