Release Date: Mar 18, 2019 

Disable Standard Report for a User (#AFG #TH)

You can now disable access to standard reports and create new reports for a user by adding the user to the group named 'NOSTDREPORT'. You need to contact Access Team for this. This would help in rolling out EI to more store managers.

Set Product/Store Hierarchy (#All)

We have now automated the setting up of store and product Hierarchy. You can set the hierarchy in Settings > Dimension Settings. It would take up to seven days to reflect on product once it is setup.

Note: We are removing task creation process for setting up hierarchy. 

Configure Fiscal Calendar (#productivity #levis #malabar)

Currently, we have supported setting up of Start of Year from the back-end. This would solve use-cases like:

  1. YTD should reflect start of Fiscal Calendar
  2. Schedule a report in a particular Fiscal Calendar

Audience filter on Users template on Data Export (#GnB #AND)

The Audience (Campaign List) Filter on Users Profile lets you export external users(non-loyalty users) of the organization.