Based on fact: ffc_fact

The template lets you export VisitorMetrix related information which contains logs of in count, out count of customers and staff . You can also get group counts by its size - 1, 2, 3, and 4 or more.



Auto Update Time Ffc Data Gc

Count of an entity - customer in, customer out, group in, group out, staff in, and staff out. Again in group count you will have group count with one, group count with two, group count with three or more
Device Id
Unique id associated to a VisitorMetrix device
DirectionDirection of the count - in or out
Event TimestampLocal timestamp of capture event
Is Max DirectionDirection (in or out) in which maximum count is recorded
Size Text-
OidOrganization unit  id for organizations with multiple brands


latest_updated_date, latest_updated_time, device date, Device time, direction, Entity Type, Registration Entity Type, Date, Time, Store Hierarchy, Concept Hierarchy, group_size, walkin_type