The Issue Trackers template is based on the fact issue_tracker.

The template lets you export the dump of all complaints raised by customers that were converted into "issues" and is managed by the Customer Care Management System. 



Issue Code

Unique identifier of the complaint which is usually shared with the customer
Issue Department
The department to which the complaint has been assigned. For example, home appliances, electronics, mobiles
Issue Name
Subject of the complaint
Issue Priority
Priority of the complaint as per the escalation metrics. For example, high priority, in queue, low priority
Issue Status
Current status of the issue. For example, open, closed, to followup
Ticket Code
Unique identifier of the complaint for internal reference
Issue Tracker Id
Internal id generated for the complaint


latest_updated_date, latest_updated_time, active_status, assigned_by, assigned_to, created_by, due_date, Date, Time, Event User, User Segments, issue_type, reported_by