It consists of the dump of transactions at a line-item level of customers that responded to a particular campaign. You can export transactions and line-item level details of customers that responded to a specific campaign.


bill_amountThe purchase amount of target customers
bill_discountDiscount availed by a target customer in a response bill
bill_idUnique identifier of a transaction made by a target customer
bill_numberExternal bill number captured in our system generated which is generated at the organization end
item_codeUnique identifier of a product
line_item_amountPurchase price of a lineitem after availing offer and redemption (coupons and points)
line_item_discountDiscount availed on a lineitem
line_item_idUnique internal reference id associated to a lineitem
msg_idIt is a template id that is generated when a message is sent.  If there are 5 types of messages sent in a campaign, it will have 5 different message ids
quantityQuantity of a lineitem purchased
redeemed_pointsNumber of points redeemed for a transaction
total_link_click_countNumber of clicks received for a link that was sent through a campaign


bill_outlier_status, campaign_delivery_status, campaign_group, campaign, campaign_message, campaign_schedule_date, campaign_schedule_time, communication_channel, communication_type, email_open_date, email_open_time, event_date, event_time, event_user, event_zone_till, item, latest_updated_date, latest_updated_time, line_item_outlier_status, loyalty_type, repeat_status, source_type, unsubscription_status