This template is based on the fact Return Bill Line Items

It contains details of transaction returns of any type. For example, partial return, full return, exchange of items (mixed transaction). However, it is required to specify parent bill id when returning an item. The parent bill id is the bill id of the actual transaction of the item. If the parent bill id is left blank, you will see the column blank in the export file.


auto_update_time_returned_billDate and time (in Unix timestamp) when the return bill level information is updated
auto_update_time_returned_lineitemDate and time (in Unix timestamp) when the return bill line item information is updated
bill_amountThe net bill amount after returning a purchase - Bill amount - the cost of return item
bill_idThe unique id generated for a particular return bill internally in the capillary system
bill_numberThe unique number of a particular return bill which is either generated at the POS machine or provided manually
exchange_bill_idThe unique id generated internally in the Capillary system for the mixed transaction (item exchange)
issued_bill_idUnique parent bill id of that particular transaction
issued_lineitem_idUnique parent line-item id for that particular line-item of a transaction
Actual transaction number of the return item used in case of exchange. This will be blank if the parent bill number is not mentioned during return
item_codeUnique item code of the returned line item
line_item_amountNet amount of the line item including discount and tax
line_item_discountDiscount given for that particular line item
line_item_idUnique internal reference id for the line item
line_item_valuePrice of the line item excluding discount and tax
notesAny specific note mentioned for a transaction return
quantityQuantity of a line-item returned
ratePurchase price of the return item - the actual cost after availing offers and discounts
Outlier status of the parent bill id of the return bill
Outlier status of the bill line item


bill_outlier_status, event_date, event_time, event_user, event_zone_till, item, latest_updated_date, latest_updated_time, parent_bill_outlier_status, parent_line_item_outlier_status, returned_type, membership