The coupons template is based on the fact Coupons.

Lets you export all details coupons issued at customer level and transaction level, and also export the details of

  • transaction numbers along with coupon details,
  • redeemed and expired coupons, and
  • coupon level custom fields. You need to select custom fields manually

Note: Coupons that are issued or redeemed will be tagged to a transaction only if both the transaction and coupon issual or redemption occurs within the span of - +/- 15 minutes.


auto_update_time_couponsDate and time (in Unix timestamp) when coupon details are updated
bill_idUnique id generated for each transaction
coupon_codeCode used to redeem a coupon against transaction. A coupon code can be unique across customers or same for all customers which is configured through Offers Management
event_idUnique id generated internally for an event
issual_coupon_idUnique id generated internally for a coupon issual
redemption_bill_amountTotal transaction amount that involved coupons or points redemption
used_bill_numberExternal bill number used in coupon redemption
yearYear in YYYY format


campaign_group, campaign, coupon_issual_type, coupon_series, entry_type, event_date, event_time, event_user, event_zone_till, expiry_date, issual_campaign_group, issual_date, issual_time, issual_type, issual_zone_till, issued_to_user, latest_updated_date, latest_updated_time, year, coupon_event_type,