The Members template is based on the fact Customer_summary.

It contains details of members (loyalty and non-loyalty customers) and non-members based on the last updated date or event date (registration date). You can export other customer details such as

  • Custom fields 
  • Extended fields 
  • User segments
  • Current slab
  • Audience group 
  • Customers registered in a specific duration (up to one year)


auto_update_time_loyaltyDate and time (in Unix timestamp) when the loyalty table is updated
average_spent_per_skuThis is average amount spent by a customer on a single quantity over lifetime
average_spent_per_visitThe average amount spent by a customer per visit over lifetime.
Total purchase amount ÷ Number of visits
expired_pointsNumber of points of a loyalty customer that are expired as per the expiry strategy set
first_visit_basket_sizeThe quantity of items purchased at the first time of shopping
first_visit_bill_amountThe purchase amount of a customer at the first time of shopping
Date when the customer first redeemed a coupon
has_spike_billWhether there is a sudden increase in the bill amount of a customer. This is used to observe any suspicious behavior in a customer's transaction
last_updated_by_till_idTill id at which a member customer details are recently updates. It could be profile information, transactions, points, or any other details
last_visit_bill_amountTransaction amount of the recent bill of a customer
Recent date when the customer redeemed a coupon
latencyDuration from a customer's recent transaction
lifetime_pointsTotal number points earned by the customers till date
lifetime_purchasesTotal purchases amount of a customer customers till date
line_item_countTotal number of lineitems purchased by a customer
loyalty_pointsTotal points available for redemption in a customer's loyalty account. Again these points can be redeemed based on the redemption condition such as minimum number of points that can be redeemed and redemption allowed only in multiples of X
max_bill_amountMaximum transaction amount of single bill of a customer
max_bill_count_in_dayMaximum transaction amount of a customer in one day
max_bill_count_in_weekMaximum transaction amount of a customer in one week
max_bill_hour_count_in_dayHour of a day in which maximum transaction amount has been recorded for a customer
max_zones_with_billing_on_same_dayMaximum number of transactions made by a customer in different stores of a zone on a single day. Used for fraud detection
number_of_visit_daysUnique number of days when a customer made transactions
number_of_visitsTotal number of times a customer made transactions. So, this value could be same as transaction count of a customer.
points_awarded_daysNumber of days when points are awarded to a customer
redeemed_pointsNumber of points redeemed by a customer
redeemed_ratePercentage of points redemption, that is, the percentage ratio of the total number of customers that earned points to the total number of customers that redeemed points
redeemed_visitsUnique number of days a customer visited the stores and redeemed points
redeemed_voucher_countNumber of coupons redeemed by a customer
redemption_latencyAverage gap in number of days between two consecutive redemption
returned_bill_amountTotal amount of return transactions
returned_bill_countTotal number of transactions or bills returned
sku_purchasedTotal number of items purchased by a customer excluding the item quantity
skus_returnedTotal number of items returned by a customer excluding the item quantity
total_bill_amountTotal purchase amount of a customer
total_bill_countTotal number of bills or transactions made by a customer
total_line_item_amountSum of individual purchase prices of each total line-item
total_points_redeemedTotal number of points redeemed by a customer
total_returned_line_item_amountTotal amount of returned lineitems. A lineitem return amount is same as the purchase amount


Conversion_date, conversion_time, dob, date, time, user, store hierarchy, concept hierarchy, first_awarded_date, first_txn_date, first_points_redemption_date, first_purchased_store, first_purchased_concept_store, last_purchased_concept_store, first_redemption_date, lapsation_date, last_txn_date, last_points_redemption_date, last_purchased_store, last_redemption_date, latest_updated_date, latest_updated_time, loyalty_type, points_redemption_status, preferred_store, repeat, source, voucher_redemption_status, user segments (optional), wedding date