Data Export helps you export the CRM data available in the Capillary's system to an FTP location or internal server. You can export data related to customer, transactions, coupons, points, Footfall, and campaigns.  

You can create an export job using templates that define. Each template is a combination of either KPIs or facts, and dimensions.


  • Create custom data templates
  • Support for Extended Fields, Footfall Data, and Profile V2
  • Get data by recently updated date or event date
  • Export Ids of stores, users, and products 
  • Export custom fields, and extended fields
  • Export a specific audience list using KPIs and dimensions
  • Works on auto-update time of tables


  • Supports a maximum of one year's data
  • Always works on Incremental Data Set
  • Unable to edit a template once created
  • Unable to modify KPIs, dimensions, filters, and customer list once scheduled
  • Unable to export measures (such as bill id, bill number, bill amount, auto update time) and custom fields in custom templates. You can export only KPIs and its dimensions
  • Limit of selecting only five dimensions in a custom template for an export job
  • Current day's data will not be included in the exported data as the data will be synced to the capillary server only during nights

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