1. Do I need to arrange a technician for installation? [Or] Can I get the device installed by an in-house technician?

            We will arrange a technician from your area to install and configure the device.

  1. What are the prerequisites for installing the device?

        The power connection is required near the entrance, internet availability in the store, and access to the Wi-Fi router (if the device needs to be connected to Wi-Fi).

  1. Is power required to operate the device?

        Yes, a continuous power connection is required to run the device

  1. What if my store is having a high ceiling?

        Our technician will visit your store and install the device at the optimum height. You do not need to pay anything extra for the installation.

  1. Will the device be installed by Capillary or we will have to get it done?

        We will get the device installed by professional technicians.

  1. What if my store entrance is too wide?

        You may need to get multiple devices installed. Our technician will inform you about the number of devices required for your store before installation. Each device can capture a width of up to 1.4 times the height of the device from the floor.

  1. Why are router id and password required for installation?

    We would require router id and password for Wi-Fi based connections to connect the device to your Wi-Fi.

  1. What type of power adapter is provided with the device?

        We provide a 5V 2.5A 2-pin power adapter.

  1. Do we need to have a dedicated system for the device in every store?

        Yes, we need a dedicated POS system to configure the device to InStore and track the live data. You can configure multiple devices in a POS through InStore.


  1. How do you ship the device?

        We will ship the VisitorMetrix device through standard courier services. When the device is delivered, our technician visits your store for installation and configuration.

  1. What accessories are shipped along with the device?

        The VisitorMetrix Device, DC power adapter, power cable, 4 sets of wall mounting screws, and other hardware required for installation

  1. Do we need to pay for logistics?

        We will take care of the shipping and handling charges. You do not need to pay anything extra.

  1. How do you handle international shipments?

        We also ship the device worldwide and including all the shipping, handling and import charges. You do not need to pay anything extra.

  1. Who will bare the customs duties and import charges?

        The pricing includes all the customs duties and import charges as well.

Device Installation

  1. How much time does it take to setup a device?

        Depending on the store and hardware requirement, it usually ranges from 30 min – 2 hrs. 

  1. Who will install the device?

        Once the device is delivered, we will send our technician to install and configure the device.

  1. How to choose the installation spot?

        Install the device on the ceiling positioning it 2 feet away (inside) from the center of the entrance

  1. How to position the device camera?

        The device camera should be parallel to the floor.

  1. What should be the recommended height of the device from the floor?

        It is recommended to install the device at a height of 10-14 feet from the floor.

  1. How to locate the installation spot for swing door entrance?

        Install the device 2 feet away (inwards) from the open door and straight to the center of the entrance.

  1. How to locate the installation spot for sliding door or no door entrance?

        Install the device 2 feet away from the center of the entrance.

  1. Can I install multiple devices at an entrance?

        The device covers the area 1.4x the device height. You can add extra devices at a distance of 1.4*height

  1. How do I identify the power connection of the device?

        A red LED light glows when the device is connected to power

  1. Do you provide LAN cable for the device?

        Yes. Our technician will provide the LAN cable when installing a new device at the store

Software Installation (Instore)

  1. How do I set up internet connection to the device?

        To setup Wi-Fi connection, in Wireless & Network search for Storetracker device and connect to it with xxxx password.

        Then open the web browser and enter, specify the SSID and password and click Save Data.

  1. How do I add a VisitorMetrix device on InStore?

        On the FFC tab, click Add Device and follow the on screen instructions

  1. How do I set the device’s camera capture area?

        Ensure that the device is added on InStore. Click the device > click Set Config and set the capture area using Standard or Custom type. 

  1. Who does the software installation?

        The software installation is initially performed by Capillary team members.

  1. Who does the device configuration?

        The initial configuration is done by the Capillary team members.

  1. Can I configure multiple devices on the same POS machine/InStore?

        InStore allows adding multiple devices. Click Add New Device on the InStore’s FFC tab 

  1. How do you arrange for the device installation globally?

        We will arrange a technician to install and configure the device from your region without any additional charges.

Ongoing Support

  1. How do I see visitors count?

        On InStore, click the FFC tab. If the device is configured on InStore, you can see the count in Today’s Summary pane.

  1. How do I operate the device in test mode? 

        You can use test mode just to check whether the count is being calculated properly. On the InStore’s FFC tab, click the device that you want to test and click Test Setup from the available options. To exit, close the test mode screen.

  1. I have multiple devices in my store. How can I avoid duplication?

        The devices will be installed in such a way that no two devices can count a single walk-in/walk-out. However, the device cannot identify if the same person enters/exits multiple times from one or more entry points.

  1. How can I exclude my store staff or delivery guys from the count?

        We provide an additional Bluetooth device along with the VisitorMetrix device which will be installed at the entrance to count the staff or delivery guys walk-in or walk-out counts. Store staff needs to press the device switch while going out or coming in the store. With this the system calculates the exact customers visit count while generating reports

  1. How do I know whether my device is working?

        Once the device is configured on InStore on the FFC tab, click on the device and click Test Setup from the available options. Just do a mock test by walking in and out of the store. If the count is being captured correctly, your device is working properly. 

  1. How do I update the device software?

        Whenever a patch is released, the device software will be updated automatically over the Internet.

  1. How do I reset the device?

        There is no hard reset option for the device, but you can just switch the device off and on to reset. 

  1. What if the power goes off during operation?

        The VisitorMetrix device cannot capture the count when the power is off.

  1. I am unable to find the FFC tab on InStore

           Please contact the Capillary VisitorMetrix support.

  1. What if there is a temporary internet outage? Does it impact the visit count?

        The data will be saved in the device’s internal memory. Once the internet is active, the data will be synced to the Capillary Cloud Server.

  1. How do I set the capture area?

        On the device setup screen on InStore, click Set Config and adjust the capture area using the Standard mode or Custom mode. This feature is restricted to the Capillary Technical Support team. Please get in touch with the support to change the capture area

  1. How easy is to relocate the device?

        You need to call VisitorMetrix support for device installation and configuration.

  1. How do I set the count width/shoulder width?

        On the device configuration screen on InStore, click Set Config > click Next on the capture area configuration screen > Set the tentative shoulder width by dragging the respective lines > click Save

  1. How can I see VisitorMetrix reports?

        InStore lets you view visitor count of a specific day and the current week. To view the report of a specific day, click FFC > View Reports > select Specific Day and > select the date in the calendar box. You will see hourly data on that specific day. Alternatively, you can also see it on the web-based dashboards on Capillary InTouch.

  1. How old data can I see through reports? 

        You can see a maximum of 1 month’s data on InStore. However, on the web-based dashboards, you can see up to one year’s data.