After installing the device, ensure that the device is switched on (red LED is glowing). The following procedure is for Windows 7 based systems. The process might differ for other operating systems.

To connect the device to your store’s WiFi

   1. On your Desktop, click the WiFi icon

    2. If the FFC device is on, you will see the Storetracker WiFi

  3. Select Storetracker and click Connect

  4. In Enter the network security key, type the password cap@1234 and click Next

   5. Click Yes on the connect automatically prompt screen

   6. Ensure that the device is connected

   7. Open a web browser and type in the URL and press Enter

   8.  Click Scan ssid

 You will see the list of available WiFi connections in the drop-down box.  9.  In the drop-down box, choose the WiFi that you want to connect to the device

 10. In Password, enter the WiFi password

  11.  Click Connect

  You should see the following message if the device is connected to your store’s WiFi successfully.