The VisitorMetrix is a device that counts the store’s traffic (footfall) and saves the data to the Capillary CRM server through InStore. Footfall count is a key metric for store managers and Capillary experts to draw relevant insights and make informed decisions to drive up conversion rate and improve store’s business.

The device is designed to use in different business segments such as malls, hypermarkets, retail stores (MBOs and EBOs) and in all industries including QSR to track the conversion ratio on a daily basis and make smart business decisions to drive sales and profits.

Staff Counter

The VisitorMetrix device tallies in and out counts, but not everyone who comes to the store is a customer. For example, store staff and delivery persons. To avoid such false data and provide accurate business performance metrics, Staff Counter is also provided with the package. The device is installed at the entrance and needs to be configured using InStore. You can configure to track either in count or out count but not both. At the end of the day, the system automatically eliminates the staff count from the total visitor count (VisitorMetrix count) and provides the actual data.  For more details on Staff Counter configuration, see Configuring the Staff Counter Device.

Features of VisitorMetrix

Following are the features of VisitorMetrix:

  • Eliminates staff count with the help of Staff Counter to provide high data accuracy
  • Eliminates false count generated when the Staff Counter switch is pressed multiple times
  • Designed with effective algorithms to eliminate errors due to over counting
  • Proved 95% uptime in tested store conditions
  • Configured seamlessly with the pre-integrated InStore
  • Uninterrupted functioning even during internet outage
  • Helps make smart business decisions using the captured data -store’s traffic and conversion rate metrics
  • Provides a platform to view different reports and conversions for a specific day
  • Helps improve operational efficiency
  • Provides visitor count with over 95% accuracy

Package Contents

Device Overview