Before proceeding with the installation of CaptureEdge device, it is very important to determine the mounting location.


  • Internet connection through LAN in the store
  • Power connection at the mounting location

Determining the Mounting Location:

  • The location should be inwards the store at a distance of 8.5-9 feet from the VisitorMetrix device
  • The camera of the CaptureEdge device should be on the same x-axis of the VisitorMetrix device as illustrated below

  • The device needs to be mounted at a height of 8.5-9 feet from the floor

Installing the Device

Once you locate the mounting location, ensure that a power socket is available in less than 1.5 meters to the device. If the power supply is not available, install a new socket. We will provide all the necessary hardware extensions required for installation along with the package.  

Note: If you are unfamiliar about the electrical wiring in the walls, consult a professional technician.

  1. Install the extension rod provided with the package
  2. Facing the device camera towards the store, fix the device to the extension rod using the screws provided with the package
  3. Connect the internet cable in the LAN socket
  4. Connect the power cable to the device
  5. Plug the adapter into the power supply
  6. Switch on the power supply. The power LED on the device should glow if the device is getting the power