Can we have more than one series per offer?

Currently, our system supports only one series per offer. However, we have taken this as a feature request.

Does the system support 100 % as discount value?

Currently, the system accepts only 2 digit values (supporting up to 99%). But considering some special cases we came across yesterday, we will get this to 100%.

Can I tag customers to auto-generated coupon codes?

Yes, you can enable Issue to specific customers only in Coupons details and upload your customer list with any one of their identifiers (mobile no./email id, external id, user id). The auto-generated coupons are then tagged only to these customers.

Can I configure the WeChat template for resending coupon template through POS?

Currently, we support only the SMS template.

How can I see no. of uploaded coupons?

When you upload coupons, you will see the uploaded count. We will also make this available on the dashboard page .

Can we change the discount once created?

Currently, you can change the discount value or discount type of an existing offer. However, we are still evaluating this feature.

How can I get the series id of a coupon through coupon/issue API? 

You can get the series id through API call. You can use series id, and Point of Sale (POS) identifier to consume an offer through API call.

What happens if the expiry date of an offer is after the campaign expiry date?

After the expiry date of a campaign, the offer is still valid but in campaign reporting, you will get details only till campaign end date.

What if my coupon expiry is after my Offer expiry?

The expiry of a specific offer coupon cannot go beyond the Offer expiry. Hence, irrespective of the expiry set for the coupons, the validity expire along with the associated offer.

Do we have test vs. control in Loyalty?

No. We do not have test vs. control check for the loyalty program.

Do we need to reconfigure loyalty program if we make any change in Offers tab of Loyalty?

No, it is not required to reconfigure the loyalty program.

Will there be any change in the isRedeemable get call nodes?

We will add an additional node - Max Discount. Rest everything will remain the same.

Can we have the same offer names?

Yes, you can have duplicate offer names. But, it is highly recommended not to keep duplicate names, at least within a module.