The Settings option lets you configure default SMS template for 

  • Length of auto-generated coupons
  • Coupon re-issual SMS template
  • Auto-sync coupons to InStore client 

Setting up the length of auto-generated coupons

You can configure the length and supported characters for automatically generated coupons at the organization level and set template for coupon re-issual message:

  1. On the Offers home page, click the Settings icon

  1. In Default Reissual, choose your preferred communication channel that you want to configure, and click Edit to modify the existing message.  Preview the message and click Save to save your changes. You can also Remove an existing template message
  2. In Coupon code length, choose your preferred length of auto generated coupons
  3. Check Use alpha-numeric code, to generate coupon codes with the combination of alphabets and numbers
  4. Check Sync to Capillary InStore Client, to sync automatically generated codes codes with InStore
  5. Click Save to save the changes 

Configuring the coupon reissual SMS template

On the Settings page, navigate to the Default Reissual field

  • Click Edit to modify the template
  • Click Preview to preview the message template in mobile mode
  • Click Remove to completely remove the template

Syncing the offer to InStore automatically

Check Sync to Capillary InStore client to enable syncing offer details automatically to InStore during the Nightly sync, i.e., when logged in to InStore. If this is unchecked, the offers will not be synced automatically. Cashier needs to manually reload to see offer details.